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The Legal Services Board (LSB) published ‘Reshaping Legal Services’ – a consumer-focused strategy for the legal services sector.


In this strategy, LSB recognises the need to create a market that better meets the needs of people who need legal services and society more broadly. In order to deliver this requires a collaborative effort from people across the sector.




A campaign microsite where the focus was on the content from the sector to “tell the story” of the strategy. To achieve this a featured blog area was designed to guide users to the blog posts first and foremost. Various statistics were used for impact and to tell the “why” of the campaign. There was also an area dedicated to showing the progress of the strategy which included live dashboard data.


A key part of this project was to bring an idea to life, therefore we worked collaboratively with internal stakeholders and external audiences in two remote workshops. We ran through different activities together to help set a direction and re-frame problems into opportunities.



The launch of the site has been a success with 40+ blogs created so far and the team are actively fostering a community of collaborators from the sector to share their stories. We are working closely with LSB on the evolution and enhancement of the website as it is a key long-term project that will house sector-wide progress against the strategy.

"It was great to work with 6bythree to bring our concept design to life. They were on hand to guide and support us throughout the process, from the initial planning and wireframe testing phase to the workshops with external stakeholders to get buy-in for our ideas. It’s reassuring to work with such a versatile, knowledgeable, and creative team and we look forward to continuing working with them as the site evolves.”

Problem and idea framing

We conducted a series of workshops with LSB to help shape and refine their concept for reshaping legal services, we worked together to define user problems, set goals, and generate ideas.

We worked collaboratively with internal stakeholders during a 1.5 hour remote workshop, running through different activities together to help set a direction and re-frame problems into opportunities.

Telling the story of the strategy

We created a featured blog area on the homepage which would be the focus of the campaign, to encourage the sector to submit their stories and progress sector-wide collaboration.