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MyWorld is exploring the future of creative technology innovation, through research, world-class facilities, funding, tools and training. With the growth of MyWorld, the website needed to reflect the ambitions for the programme and be visually striking.


It needed to communicate clearly what MyWorld does and provides for businesses, have clear user journeys to the core areas of the programme and reflect the creativity and innovation of the programme. With 100+ partners working on the programme, stakeholder inputs had to be carefully managed, and an evolving brand meant close collaboration with external teams was key to a cohesive visual identity.





A brand new public website for the MyWorld programme. The project started with an in-depth research phase to explore the core audience needs and bring together the partners that work together on the programme. It was quickly identified that work was needed to productise the offering, which was done alongside the website redesign. We collated inputs, created a new sitemap, co-designed web pages and built a brand new website and visual identity for MyWorld, working closely with a brand designer.


Our team crafted a library of custom front-end components within a bespoke page builder, ensuring the client’s brand consistency while offering only relevant and streamlined customisation options to simplify the layout building process for their editors.



The website has helped drive 125% more traffic a month post-launch and over 1,000 more returning users year on year, helping businesses to access the MyWorld offerings better. The team are very happy with the results and the new visual identity reflects the creative ambition of the programme.


Page insight scores have improved by 416%. The site now has a score of 93/100 for performance, which is an outstanding achievement for the team.

"6bythree understand the strategic aims of what we're doing, why we're doing it and who it's for. This strategic underpinning is not only impressive, but it's one of the things that separates them from other agencies and is the reason they can deliver such effective results. The icing on the cake is they're really effective communicators and a wonderful team to work with."

Ben Webb, Marketing Manager at MyWorld

Research and data insights

As part of the programme there had been some KPI’s set and goals for certain metrics. Using the new Google Analytics 4 we created custom reports for MyWorld which tracked user journeys and a landing page report.

We used a mix of research methods for this project which included sending out a survey and following up with some of those respondents to conduct 1:1 audience research sessions as well as usability testing to iterate on the wireframes.

Research Insights deck example

Discover, Learn, Build

The website offering has been carefully categorised into these three groups with the main areas being funding, research and training. The bold, abstract imagery on a dark background helps bring the site to life and creates a distinctive, stand-out brand for the MyWorld programme.

WordPress Custom Solution

In developing the new MyWorld website, we extensively used WordPress and created a custom theme using Twig with Timber – a robust PHP templating engine. The use of Twig offered heightened security, notable performance improvements, and better code organisation, making the website safer and more maintainable. Additionally, we developed custom front-end components within an exclusive page builder. This ensured brand consistency and provided a simplified customization process for the client’s editors.