Guide: How to use the UX Audit to benchmark usability issues

By Sophie Pilley

Guide User Experience

Are your communities no longer engaging with your products and services as intended? Is your team thinking about issues in isolation rather than looking at the broader picture? Do you know there are disjointed journeys but don’t know how to fix them?

Introducing the UX Audit – a key starting point on our journey to discover why your communities might have lost engagement with your products and services. At 6bythree we believe the best engagements start from the ground up. This means starting with this broader picture in mind, and focusing on what outcomes you’re aiming to achieve.

In this guide, firstly you will find an introduction as to why you might be experiencing these issues and lack of engagement, we then move on to talk about what a UX audit is and the value it could bring to your business, and finally, we run through a Usability Checklist to get you started straight away identifying those issues that could be causing problems for your audiences.